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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Am I eligible to get cashback if I use coupon?

Yes. The cashback offered to you is over and above all the coupon offers and discounts. However, we advise you to read the terms of the individual retailers before making any purchase.

2. How much time would it take to track my purchase?

It usually takes 1-2 days to track your purchase. In case of a missing cashback, you should raise a request to or fill the missing cashback form in MyAcccount panel ,after 3 days and within 30 days from the transaction date.

3. What is Pending amount and Confirmed amount?

Pending amount is the cashback amount which is tracked 1-2 days after the transaction date.This amount gets converted to ‘Confirmed amount’ once your purchase is validated by the retailers. It takes around 6-10 weeks for pending amount to get converted to confirmed amount and is subject to validation by the retailer.
Note:Pending amount gets removed from MyAccount section if the order is cancelled returned.

4.Why it takes a while for cashback to change to confirmed amount?

Since your purchase is subject to cancellation and return,it can only be validated by the retailers after 30 days. And then we process it at our end to reflect the cashback in MyAccount panel of our site.

5. What is the payment policy?Are there any additional charges?

Confirmed cashback would be paid to you once you raise the request to transfer it to your bank account through online funds transfer.Also you can request for mobile recharge at if your confirmed amount reaches Rs. 50 or more.Minimum of Rs 250 is required for online bank transfer and there is no processing or admin fees.

6.Where can cashback earnings be seen?

Cashback can be seen under MyAccount section once you login to our website.You can see Pending Amount,Paid Amount and Confirmed Amount for your reference.

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